Help Moderate the Presidential Debates!

For the first time, YOU can personally moderate the US presidential debates live on social media using Here’s how to join in.

Civility in Politics?? Moderate the Debates!

If you’re concerned about political civility, now you can DO something. During each of the presidential and VP debates will make it simple for you to “call the shots” and keep the plays “in bounds.”

Like a referee in sports, you’ll be able to “blow the whistle” and “call the fouls” by Naming incivility (or better still, the positives) you hear during the debates. Your “calls” will be tweeted on the Twitter #debates2016 and #letskeepitcivil tags. Each call will show the highly-visible yellow caution sign (or white civility sign) with the name of the candidate and what they said, with a link to the full description, something like this*:


Why will this help? Naming incivility is a form of containment. Identifying it shines a light on it, making the invisible visible, revealing its true nature, taking away its power and sting. Suddenly, civility carries more weight and influence because incivility becomes unattractive.
Forbidden Planet Monster Made Visible

Official Instructions and Steps

  1. Explore the types of incivility now.
    Start using them in your conversations and online. (See The AAAnds Method.)
  2. Get a Twitter account if you don’t have one.
    It’s free. Add your picture and bio, it’s friendly and more influential.
  3. Follow @LetsKeepItCivil on Twitter.
    (This is recommended, but not required, so we can message you if you win.)
  4. Tune in to the debates on TV, radio, or online.
    See the schedule at
  5. Point your browser to the home page.
    Use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  6. When you hear incivility (or civility), Name it by clicking that symbol.
    • Tweet it using Twitter button at the bottom.
    • Keep the automatically-supplied tags #DebateNight and @LetsKeepItCivil or it won’t count.*
    • (If you don’t see the blue Twitter button, turn off your ad blockers during the debates.
      Safari NeverAd interferes on iOS.)


  7. Tweet it like this (you only fill in the bold text, the rest is automatic!):
    • #Trump: “I respect the work you did in the Middle East” #LetsKeepItCivil #Debates
    • You MUST start the speaker’s name with a hashtag (#) to be counted!
    • *Exact tags may vary at debate time, depending on trending tags and Twitter needs. Our site will adjust automatically.


  8. It will appear to the world something like this*:
  9. Watch the tweets as they happen in a separate browser or tab!
    Go to our 2016 Presidential Debates Moderation Tracker page.
    NOTE: You can Share/Retweet tweets from this page.
  10. If #letskeepitcivil becomes a trending Twitter tag, we’ve succeeded in promoting civility in a big way!

… And You Could Win a Cool T-Shirt


The top 5 moderators in EACH debate (total contributed moderating tweets in our sole and final judgement) will get a cool “I Moderated the Presidential Debates” T-shirt ON US to memorialize your accomplishment and encourage others to join in.

Everyone else is welcome to purchase one at our cost from our Civil Swag Store. For full details, see 2016 Presidential Debates Contest Details.

Let’s keep it civil, together!


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